Being Recruited During Lockdown

Being Recruited During Lockdown

Emma Black [pictured] is the latest appointment to join the Rainbow HR Ltd family, Emma comes on board as Senior Recruitment Consultant and brings with her a strong background in recruitment strategy and talent acquisition, with great experience of working in the rail & transport sector. We had a virtual catch up with Emma to find out how she found the process of being recruited during lockdown and what she could take from the process that would help when working closely with candidates in a similar position.


First off how did you find the job?

I was very fortunate that I had crossed paths with Fiona a number of years ago whilst working at SNC-Lavalin. Fiona reached out via LinkedIn that she may have a new opportunity that I would be suited for and the rest is history!

How did you find the hiring process during lockdown?

If anything, Lockdown has streamlined the recruitment process in many ways, yet it still felt very personal. It was very quick from the start, a few LinkedIn messages one evening, to submitting my CV, to a call the following morning then starting the on the Monday! I cannot believe the process happened so quick, Fiona and the team have been very welcoming and I couldn’t be more grateful.

How does a Remote Induction work?

For me a remote induction works well as it allows you to get stuck in at your own pace! First few days in the office can often be nerve wracking for new starters and very tiring in terms of what you have to learn / office rules…etc So to be in the comfort of your own home (with my puppy sat on my feet) it couldn’t of been a better or more relaxed introduction!

Speaking of First days at the ‘office’, what was that like?

My house is a little mental, I have two kids, my husband who runs his business from home and a recent addition in terms of the puppy so trying to navigate my first day in the office was tricky but I think we have found the balance – my daughter blasts out “let it go” whilst the dog is chasing his tail coupled with the odd random math’s question from my son definitely adds to the interest to a first day at work. But what a great opportunity to demonstrate to my children that women (parents) can do it all!

What can you take away from this lockdown recruitment experience?

A virtual induction is a first for me but I think it is a great way of onboarding remote workers, moving forwards I would definitely like to see more of this and implement it in a business as a trial run which would have both the benefits of being office based and flexible working.


What you are looking forward to with your time at Rainbow HR?  

I am looking forward to making a difference! I LOVE working with people and getting the best result possible for all individuals involved, this often presents challenges but that just makes it all the more interesting!!

Please do get in touch with me directly if you would like some more information on the roles that we currently have live on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR feel free to message me directly on LinkedIn.

Emma Black


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